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Since I was about knee-high, I have always had a passion for fashion. It was only in my teens that I really found my true identity and loved to dress in anything that was considered "fashionable" at the time. Fashion fads:- Soul Girl; Trendabilly; Psychobilly; Rockabilly; 1950s style; 1940s style.

Friday, 20 February 2015

A certain smile, a certain face....

Hi peeps,

I am back with a vengeance, having a day off work to do absolutely anything I want to do but time is of the essence as I have lots of knitting to do and lots of plans to bring you some lovely eye-catching knitwear in the months ahead.

Its mid-February so I must crack on, will soon be Spring!!

I must share with you the pictures taken from last weekend when my favourite special person and I celebrated our lucky for some, 13 years of marriage, time really does fly when you are having fun!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures - yours truly is wearing one of her favourite little sweaters.  Now this one was for sale for a while on Etsy but not anymore as I simply love pink so it just had to be mine.

The venue for afternoon tea is a place called Sketch, never really heard of it before but it is somewhere you simply have to try at least once in your lifetime.  We just love Afternoon Tea, don't you??


My chap

Beautiful ceiling design

Scrumptious selection of cake and sandwiches

Yours truly wearing a cute little tweed number

Space aged bathroom

Oh how i love bathroom designs

I thought i was in another world.....

These look like tombs....

Stairway to the Stars.....

Dreamy seating reminds me of trifle sponge

It was getting close to evening so most tables were emptied

Wacky art on the walls


  1. You look a real bobby dazzler in your pink ensemble.


  2. Thank you Jean, that's kind of you to comment. I just love that expression "Bobby Dazzler" sounds quite extravagant.

    Best wishes, Michele