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Since I was about knee-high, I have always had a passion for fashion. It was only in my teens that I really found my true identity and loved to dress in anything that was considered "fashionable" at the time. Fashion fads:- Soul Girl; Trendabilly; Psychobilly; Rockabilly; 1950s style; 1940s style.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Murder Mystery and Mayhem in Torquay

Hi everyone,

Well, our holiday in Torquay is now a fading memory but it was certainly more fun that we had imagined. The reason for our visit was The Agatha Christie Week, every year for the past 4 years (I think) the Torquay Tourist Board have encouraged the locals to organise events and all sorts of Agatha themed events for the week of the anniversary of her birthday. We were so excited about staying at "The Grand Hotel" which is where she spent her honeymoon with her first husband.

We met lots of interesting people, including a couple from German TV who interviewed us outside the Tourist Information Shop and also Lucy Mangan, from The Guardian, who was very interested in the way that we dressed. It was a pity there were not more of us - Torquay probably isn't ready for an invasion of 40s enthusiasts just yet but when they start arriving in their droves (it could happen) they had better get ready for it.

Anyway, we made sure we attended the Agatha Christie Mile Walk with lovely Joan Nott who is the best Blue Badge Guide for Torquay. She made it so interesting and she was also a close friend of Agatha's daughter, Rosalind so she had lots of knowledge about this famous lady, but obviously she couldn't give much away as there is strict control over the legacy as we noticed as we went to the local Museum - no photos were allowed at the Agatha Christie Exhibition though most of the photos and details can be found in her autobiography anyway. This just makes it all the more intriguing.

We went to the Theatre to see "Witness for the Prosecution" which was really good and the twist at the end was very unexpected as I haven't seen the film or read the book - as you know, I don't read I just knit!

We met Julia Mackenzie at our Hotel for the birthday celebrations and fireworks on the Wednesday evening, the fireworks were amazing. Unfortunately I didn't feel that great though I was wearing my vintage 1950s evening dress (emerald green) with evening gloves, stockings and pearls to top it off and we didn't even get any photos taken, except from some visiting tourists, never mind!!!

The following day we took a Vintage Bus ride to Greenway, which was Agatha's summer house, it was really lovely and full of interesting artefacts and ethemera that was originally owned by the family. The setting was picturesque too, right by the River Dart. We were stuck for time so we didn't really have time to explore all the grounds but maybe next time. You can see a picture of me standing outside Greenway and the Vintage Bus wearing my 40s bow sweater. Surprisingly, we met one of the main actresses from the play at the local theatre and she asked us if we wanted to be extras as it was set in 1950s and we looked the part ie came with our own wardrobe. We thought it was an opportunity not to miss, besides what else would we be doing on our final evening in Torquay besides stuffing our faces in some local restaurant.

So our last day arrived and we went to Babbacombe for the Cliff Lift and took in some local touristy things and some cream tea. It was great to see some birds having a feast as you can see from the picture... I wore my zigzag sweater that day as it was keeping me warm. Here is a picture of me on Babbacombe beach.

Come evening, we were rushing around getting ready for our theatre finale, we got there just slightly late but then everyone else did so that wasn't so bad. I wore a 1950s maroon suit and Stephen dressed up in his usual 50s smart attire. The other extras/actors from the area loved our clothes and it was great fun getting involved behind the scenes. We were in the public gallery in this court drama and as we had already seen the play we knew what to expect. We loved every part of the evening and could do it all again. We sat and had drinks with some of the cast after the show and are truly grateful to ..... for giving us the opportunity to have a go. It really made our week in Torquay.

Since returning home we have kept a watchful eye out for our interview with Lucy Mangan from The Guardian which you can see here:- Guardian article by Lucy Mangan

German tv:-


  1. You look beautiful in the photos and the garments you're wearing? I found it interesting. Maybe I can wear like that during my Torquay holidays. It's looks fantastic on you.

  2. Looks like your having fun with your holidays. It's good.

    short break in wales