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Since I was about knee-high, I have always had a passion for fashion. It was only in my teens that I really found my true identity and loved to dress in anything that was considered "fashionable" at the time. Fashion fads:- Soul Girl; Trendabilly; Psychobilly; Rockabilly; 1950s style; 1940s style.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hi everyone

For one show only, I will be dressing up in true Vintage Style for Spring so you will not see me in jeans and a sweater. This Sunday I will be shopping for vintage instead of trading.

Well this is good news for everyone as it means I will have more sweaters on my Stand for the October Fair. This time of year most of you are thinking about Spring and Summer wear rather than sweaters and lets hope the summer brings with it good weather as it will cheer us all up!

If you are wondering what I have been knitting recently, I will share the picture of it with you very soon. The sweater itself is from a 1940s pattern and I have already knitted half the back, both sleeves and in the process of knitting the front, can't wait to get to the fair isle pattern as it will look really lovely when it's completed and I will be either wearing it or showing it on my stand in October.

Right now I am getting ready to Vogue so I will be blogging again very soon.


  1. Hope you had a great time and please post a photo of the outfit you wore soon.
    you always looks so lovely .

  2. Hi, how do I place an order and get a price for a top like the one in the latest posted pic on your Facebook page? Thank you, Sliz