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Since I was about knee-high, I have always had a passion for fashion. It was only in my teens that I really found my true identity and loved to dress in anything that was considered "fashionable" at the time. Fashion fads:- Soul Girl; Trendabilly; Psychobilly; Rockabilly; 1950s style; 1940s style.

Friday, 2 March 2012


My thoughts are turning to Spring and the Summer months ahead. This year we have lots to celebrate in Britain so it was purely a coincidence that when I recently flicked through my knitting patterns that I came across a pretty bolero cardigan that was produced in 1952, the year of the Queens Coronation. What a perfect design to knit, 60 years later in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee.

I found some really pretty DK wool in a shade of "bubble gum" pink stashed away on one of my wool shelves and thought it would knit up perfectly in this design. The shade is actually lighter than seen in the picture. The design is knitted in sections, front left, front right, back left, back right and then sewn together. The most important factor will be the final sewing-up of the garment with all those seams and if it knits up really well I may knit a few more in various bright colours. Now all I need to find is a contrasting large pink vintage button for fastening. I will let you know how it's all progressing.

It's also a very busy time for me right now as I must focus on the administration and advertising for our Vintage Vogue Fashion & Lifestyle Fair that's taking place at the end of next month on 29 April. The flyer design is quite stunning if I might say so, and a little different to all the other flyers I have seen for other Vintage Fairs.

Well now I must get back to my household chores, Fair admin and then back to knitting my Diamond Jubilee bolero, bye for now.....

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